Six winter driving tips to keep you safe in snow

The temperatures have dropped, and the first snowfall has gilded the ground. Winter seems to have officially arrived in Minnesota. With the holidays right around the corner, many Minnesotans are going to be on the roads travelling back and forth to holiday get-togethers. Though most Minnesotans are used to driving in snow and ice, it never hurts to brush up on a few winter driving tips. Here are six ways to drive safer on snow and ice this winter. Do not use cruise on icy, snowy or otherwise wet roads Most car manuals tell you not to use cruise control on slippery roads. If your wheels lose traction and start to spin, cruise control will continue to accelerate. This could send your car into a skid. Since you do not have your foot on the gas, you may not notice until it is already too late to do anything. Slow down This seems obvious, and yet, there are plenty of drivers that barrel down the roads at full speed when road conditions are bad. Everything takes longer on snow…

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