Six Rules of Summer Co-Parenting

By Rebecca Simpson, Senior AttorneyEnglish, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, LLP Rebecca Simpson Another school year has nearly come to a close, and kids are eager for the fun and freedom of summer. For parents, however, balancing work, camps, childcare and vacation can prove complicated and stressful. These complications and stresses weigh particularly heavy upon parents who are separated or divorced. Coordinating schedules can create tension and conflict, making summer planning an enormous challenge. While every family situation is unique, and no simple solutions exist to resolve all of the complications that can accompany raising children in separate homes, these “Six Rules of Summer” offer guidance regarding issues that commonly arise during summer co-parenting. #1. Read Your Decree If you have a Divorce or Custody Decree, review it to make sure you understand what it says about summer co-parenting. Many decrees contain deadlines regarding notice for summer plans.…

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