Six Quick Tips to Get Your Law Practice Organized

With so many different options for organizing your work and life — GTD, Kanban, BuJo, SMART, Agile — it’s easy to get stuck and let things continue as they are. Here’s the thing to remember: The perfect system is the one you use. If you want to eliminate the chaos from your life, you can’t wait for the perfect system to come along. So let’s start. Six Steps to Start Organizing 1. Start with just one problem area. Choose one single area to work on at a time. For example, all the incoming paper is a big problem for many businesses. By getting paper under control, you immediately eliminate a lot of the clutter. Decide where to start based on how you complete this sentence: “The thing that bothers me most in my office is …” 2. Choose an organizational system you know you will be able to work with. Simple is generally best — anything too complicated might become overwhelming. Why set yourself up to fail? Remember, if…

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