Sikka on "Trafficking in Persons"

Anette Sikka (Legal Studies Department, University of Illinois at Springfield) has posted Trafficking in Persons: How America Exploited the Narrative of Exploitation (Forthcoming, Texas International Law Journal, Vol. 55) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: There is still deep disagreement over the meaning of the term trafficking in persons, despite having had legal definitions for it for nearly 20 years. These disagreements continue to persist despite extensive scholarly attention and numerous calls to come to consensus for purposes of research and distribution of funding. This article offers two reasons for this endurance: First, trafficking is not an act in itself but a concept created to address social ills. It is not static, and the creative process continues to reshape what it means. Second, groups have been able to capitalize on the linguistic ambiguity to achieve certain political goals. This has provided incentive for them to keep using the language in…

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