Signal Flare Safety Tips (for Boats of All Sizes)

From the biggest supertankers cruising international waters to the smallest speedboats out for a fun weekend on the water, boats of all sizes have one crucial safety feature in common: emergency flares. Required by law in many cases, and a good idea even when not mandated by local or federal guidelines, signal flares are a key part of any given vessel’s onboard safety equipment. Thanks to their design, they’re also easily used by boaters of many ages and skill levels, and don’t require hours of training and certification in the event you need to use them during a crisis situation. Of course, like any onboard safety equipment, a lot of care should be taken to ensure that these flares are properly stored, maintained, and used so they always perform at their peak and don’t cause any bigger safety issues on the boat itself. If you’re wondering what you can do to make your onboard signal flares safer to use and longer-lasting, we’ve got a few…

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