Shows 126-128 – Profs. Greg Lastowka, Adrian Johns and Nick Bostrom – posted

I am pleased to post the last three shows of the fall quarter. The first, Show # 126, November 17, is my interview with Prof. Greg Lastowka of Rutgers School of Law – Camden, author of Virtual Justice. Greg has written the definitive work on regulation of virtual worlds, examining the ideal parameters of law and regulation in such environments. Greg has written an engaging study and I greatly enjoyed the discussion. The second show, Show #127, November 24, is my interview with Prof. Adrian Johns of the University of Chicago, author of Piracy. Adrian has written a comprehensive history of activity that today we'd call "piracy" going back hundreds of years. Ranging from publishing wars in 18th century England to modern battles, Johns' focus allowed for a wide-ranging and in-depth discussion. I hope that you enjoy the discussion as much as I did. The last show, Show # 128, December 1, is my interview with Prof. Nick Bostrom, Director, Future of Humanity Institute and Professor, University of Oxford. Nick focuses on what he calls "crucial considerations," ranging from artificial intelligence to information hazards. In our discussion, we examined these topics and explored the future of Nick's research. We had a great discussion and I hope that you enjoy it! New shows will start again on January 12 and I'm very excited about the slate of guests. I'll be posting the on-air schedule in early January. Meanwhile, happy holidays and new year!

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