Should You Amend Your Interrogatory Responses?

It’s not required that a party amend interrogatory responses to reflect information the party got after responding, but there are situations in which a party may want to do just that. Here’s why it may be a good idea to amend interrogatory responses: Don’t make it look like you’re concealing facts. If you or your client learn new information, immediately file amended interrogatory responses. The court may view a failure to do so as a deliberate attempt to conceal known facts. And when a party deliberately conceals known facts in the answers to interrogatories, it may be subject to imposition of sanctions. See CCP §§2023.010–2023.040, 2030.300(d)–(e) . Avoid arguments of surprise. When a responding party discovers an error in the initial response or acquires information that would affect the initial response, amending an answer may be the wisest course because it avoids the arguments of surprise and the possibility of the court…

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