Settlements reached in Chiang Mai House Thai Restaurant Salmonella Outbreak

On September 21, 2017, the Central District Health Department received three lab reports and one clinical diagnosis for Salmonella infections of patrons who had all eaten at Chiang Mai House Thai Restaurant, located at 4898 West Emerald Street in Boise, Idaho. In total, six individuals with Salmonella infections were reported to the Central District Health Department and included in the Chiang Mai House Thai Salmonella outbreak (Outbreak ID# 2017-081). Five of the six cases were culture confirmed and were infected with the same strain of Salmonella. All cases ate food prepared at Chiang Mai House Thai on or after September 13. Four out of six of the reported cases consumed contaminated food catered for an office lunch meeting. Reported symptom onset dates ranged from September 16 to September 19. Environmental Health inspectors conducted an on-site outbreak investigation at the restaurant on September 21. Inspectors observed food preparation and collected…

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