Seth Godin Answers 12 DuetsBlog Questions

It all started here, nearly ten years ago now, with our inaugural DuetsBlog post called Dr. No and the Parade of Horribles. We used a Seth Godin post called Looking for Yes as our launchpad. The rest is history. Seth revealed himself a fan of the blog on our 4th birthday, what a surprise. He generously has engaged with us since then, weighing in on topics ranging from branding to trademark bullying to Velcro’s fear of trademark genericide, with so much more in between. Recently, Seth generously agreed to answer the 12 questions below. What should we ask next? Steve Baird Interviews Seth Godin: Baird: As you know, Duets Blog was designed to facilitate a more graceful collaboration between lawyers and marketers. What do lawyers need to understand most about marketers, and vice versa? Godin: Begin with: Lawyers ARE marketers. Of course you are. You are using ideas to change behavior. That’s what marketers do. You seek to tell a story that will motivate a client or a…

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