Sessions Stirs The Pot

Apparently, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was bored last Thursday, so he decided to liven up his day by flushing a lit cherry bomb down Mary Jane's toilet and…ya' know…seeing what happens. His tersely worded memorandum that rescinded a number of memorandums that had been issued by the Justice Department during his predecessor's tenure, including the commonly called "Cole Memorandum" that forms the basis for Fincen's 2014 guidance to financial institutions on how to address money laundering and BSA risks when they violate federal criminal laws by providing banking services to marijuana related businesses in states where such services are legal under applicable state law. Operators of such marijuana related business were heard to utter, when being informed of this nefarious pronouncement by Darth Sessions, "Huh? Whaaat? Uhhh..Yeah. Right. Whaaaat?" More sober, albeit, in some cases, more hysterical, reaction, came from advocates for…

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