Sentencing Update: California Doctor Sentenced To 63 Months In Federal Prison For Health Care Fraud. Doctor's Testimony At Trial Resulted in Longer Sentence. Doctor Husband Sentenced to One Year and One Day.

In federal court, one important issue is whether to testify or not testify. It is a more critical issue in federal court due to a federal judge's ability to increase the sentence for "obstruction" if the judge thinks the defendant misrepresented the truth. These same concerns are in state court but there is not usually the concern about the impact on sentencing. Instead there is the usual concern about making it appear that the burden of proof has shifted to the defense.In a recent case, a doctor defendant received a harsh sentence based in part on the judge adding time for "obstruction" due to her testimony at trial.  On August 28, 2018, family practitioner Dr. Vilasini Ganesh was sentenced to 63 months in prison for health care fraud and making false statements related to a health care benefits program. We had reported on this case previously after the 8-week trial when she and her partner were convicted.During Dr. Ganesh’s…

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