Securities Attorney Jake Zamansky Gets Mentioned in Wealth Management Regarding Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES)

The yield enhancement strategy (YES) is often pitched as a “safe” or “low-risk” option for investors who are interested in maintaining consistent returns. However, reality has recently shown that the investment products bought and sold under YES are extremely complex and risky. In recent months, many individual investors have come to realize that their iron condor investments (which is an even more expensive type of YES) came with a number of substantial risks. A number of investors have filed arbitration complaints against investment firm UBS and others, and securities attorney Jake Zamansky is currently representing 15 of those complainants. He understands the problems stemming from such investments and was recently noted in an article on To learn more about the problems associated with iron condor investments and the yield enhancement strategy (YES), please see the articles below. Contact Zamansky LLC today to discuss your…

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