Section 512 roundtable, part 4: International

SESSION 4: International Developments      Carlo Scollo Lavizzari International STM Association: (Scientific Technical Medical publishers, also arts & humanities publications.) Internet hasn’t been static. Dynamic developments in Europe from platform liability and safe harbor to one of responsibility, not just from legislation but case law in cases from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Britain, ECJ. The Q is not how to fix a broken whackamole system but how do platforms discharge their duties based on the risk they introduce, not one size fits all [just two sizes, I guess].Stan Adams Center for Democracy & Technology: Directive provisions are fundamentally problematic and unbalanced v. 512. The internet is an incredible tool to market content, but it’s also the default option for sharing and expressing between people. 512 is foundational; the EU removed that foundational stability.Eric Cady Independent Film & Television Alliance:…

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