Section 512 roundtable, open mic

Open micJanis Pilch, Rutgers U: domestically it seems obvious that litigation on 512 can’t change the systemic problem of infringement and the impossibility for most rightsholders to litigate. 512 sets up a permanent conflict b/t service providers and rightsholders.  Illusion of balance. Need to amend to create a balance that favors rightsowners.  Second, internationally, the same conflict plays out.  EU Directive makes platforms more responsible versus rich tech companies fighting laws constraining their profits.  Those companies are using dominant economic position, made possible in part by 512, to distort public perception of law through misinformation and through academics & civil society organizations, paid or otherwise motivated.  Also those groups hacked … somebody?  USCO site was compromised in 2016 when written comments on 512 were due.Q: do you contend that anyone was precluded from filing comments?Pilch: no. But 92,000…

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