Secrets of a Successful Second Marriage

UPDATED: No one wants to admit defeat. No one wants to face the fact that a marriage just doesn’t work, that this person you once loved, who once meant everything to you, isn’t the same one you married. That’s part of why divorce is so often such a difficult choice. But we learn from our mistakes, right? All the issues, problems, and hiccups we had the first time, we know to avoid them the second time around, don’t we? It seems obvious that because of our experience and what we learned, second marriages must be more successful than first marriages. Doesn’t it? The short answer is no. A second marriage may be great, it may be exactly what you need. But statistically speaking, second marriages have an even higher rate of divorce than first marriages. The prevailing wisdom is roughly 50% of first marriages fail. When we talk about second marriages, that number jumps to 67%, more than two-thirds. And for third marriages, 74% end in divorce. To give…

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