Secret ACTA Treaty Emerges Blinking into Sunlight (Ars Technica)

The much-maligned, drafted-in-secret, Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is an odd beast. Its being drafted by a group that includes the US, the EU, and Japan… but also Canada, Mexico, and Korea, which are on US Trade Representatives “special 301” watch list for intellectual property problems. No draft of the text has yet been revealed, even though the goal was to push ACTA through by the end of the year. And a host of proposed “Internet provisions” have raised the specter of graduated response, ISP filtering, and even iPod searches at the border. This isnt a worry shared by only a few crackpots; everyone from the EFF to Verizon, from IP Justice to Yahoo, from Public Knowledge to Intel has raised concerns about the Internet provisions, and on Monday these groups finally had a chance to ask questions of USTR. Stan McCoy of the USTRs Office responded….

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