Second Circuit: Professional Services Exclusion Precludes D&O Coverage for NASDAQ’s Facebook IPO Claims

A recurring D&O insurance issue is the question of whether or not coverage for a particular claim is precluded under the relevant policy’s professional services exclusion. A recent decision by the Second Circuit addressed questions concerning the applicability of a professional services exclusion in a D&O insurance coverage dispute arising out of the mistake-plagued Facebook IPO. In a January 22, 2018 opinion (here), the appellate court affirmed the district court’s ruling that coverage for the settlement of Facebook IPO investors’ claims against NASDAQ was precluded by the NASDAQ’s D&O insurance policy’s professional services exclusion. The opinion includes some interesting discussion of considerations relevant to the exclusion’s applicability.   Background Facebook completed its IPO on May 18, 2012, as a result of which its share traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The offering did not go smoothly. NASDAQ’s trading…

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