Second Circuit – Copyright Law – Attorneys Fees To Prevailing Parties Where Copyright & Trademark Claims Not Adjudged

Can a "prevailing party" in a copyright or trademark action obtain attorneys fees even if the victory had nothing to do with the Copyright Act or Lanham Act?   The Second Circuit, in a pair of recent decisions involving alleged infringement of test preparation materials, says "yes."Manhattan Review Test PrepIn Manhattan Review LLC v. Yun – 2019 WL 1319813 and 2019 WL 1326528 the Second Circuit divided its opinion into two decisions, one of precedential value limited to the question of whether a "prevailing party" could collect attorneys fees and one by summary order dealing with the questions of whether attorneys fees were appropriate under the Copyright Act and Lanham Act.  This federal action arose in the wake of a failed state action.  In the state action based on various state law claims, the litigation turned on the corporate status of Manhattan Review LLC because its corporate status had…

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