Seattle Highway Accidents

The Washington state is known to have safe highways, yet some of them are prone to accidents. Especially some parts of highways in and around Seattle has witnessed some accidents over the years.  On I-5, 405, I-90, and 520, most accidents occur as a result of drivers being tired, sleepless or exhausted.  Or some of them are in a hurry to reach their destination on time or early. The result is driving on Seattle highways are becoming more and more dangerous. Seattle Highway Accident Laws The Washington state laws state that for driving trucks and heavy vehicles, drivers need to have Commercial Driving Licenses(CDL). And these are not easy to get, as the applicants have to go through a series of tests to qualify. But nevertheless, not all companies follow the prescribed procedures and tests while hiring a driver. Apart from the CDL, companies need to run background and fitness checks while hiring as well as on regular intervals. Many trucking companies also fail to…

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