Scruggs encourages policyholders to boycott State Farm-Dale deal

Sounds like the Scruggs Katrina Group is looking to sign up more policyholders for lawsuits against State Farm.  They apparently are mining the 36,000 Mississippi policyholders who are eligible to participate in review and mediation of their claims — under a deal between State Farm and Insurance Commissioner George Dale that left the Scruggs Group standing on the sidewalk as the parade went by — through TV commercials warning folks not to "give in to big insurance" and to watch out for Dale, "a perpetual apologist for the industry."  No word on whether the Scruggs Group is preparing a second TV spot featuring servings of "political toast" to pigs wearing lipstick.

One curiosity here, the first link I provided was to the Scruggs Katrina blog, which normally features posts signed by Zach Scruggs.  I notice this post carries no byline.  Just wondering why.   

Via Mike the Actuary.

Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Insurance

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