SC Family Lawyer at ABA TechShow

As many of my readers know, I believe in the use of technology to improve the practice of law and delivery of legal services to my clients.  Toward that end, I frequently speak at legal technology seminars, and this year I am speaking at the ABA TechShow currently being held in Chicago, Illinois. 

I am also featured in the cover story in this months ABA Journal, "Mac v. PC, Two lawyer-experts duke it out over the greatest quandary of the new century."  This article has generated a great deal of discussion on this topic, and the reception of this article by the attendees at TechShow has really been overwhelming.

The other speakers at this seminar are some of the superstars of the legal technology arena, including Dennis Kennedy, Adriana Linares, Bretty Burney, and LexBlogs own Kevin OKeefe.  Although Kevin and I have talked by phone and traded emails for several years, this is the first time weve actually been able to meet face to face.  If you have any interest in legal technology, this is definitely the seminar to attend next year.

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