Saving Your Home With a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Washington

Chapter 13 is famous for two things. Saving Your Home and Being Complicated. Saving Your Home With a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be a very tedious process and here are some of the situations below. In the short term, Chapter 13 can stop foreclosures and other creditor actions (much like a Chapter 7). However, unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves a plan of getting caught up with your creditor, namely your mortgage. The automatic stay that stops foreclosure is great but temporary. What is special about Chapter 13 is the long term plan that gives you the room you need to get back on track and keep your home.   Given the complication of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is really vital that you have not just an ordinary bankruptcy lawyer, but a really good bankruptcy lawyer who is experienced with Chapter 13 bankruptcy.   If you have had a hardship gotten behind on mortgage payments. Chapter 13 could be the solution for you. You want to keep your home…

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