Save the Children!

I don't know when it started but do you remember when they started putting pictures of missing children on milk cartons?  Of course, most people (and politicians) ignore those things until it's their kid on the carton and then they're all frantic –  running around the neighborhood posting pictures of their kids on everything.I remember one lady at the shopping mall frantically looking for her little girl who had gone missing.  The kid was found in a toy store, but the image of that mother's frantic face was seared on my brain.This, of course, leads us to today's news about an illegal (ooopsy, "undocumented") alien who walked into a Walmart in Louisiana wielding a machete seeking to kidnap children.  You heard right – kidnap children.Seems Billy Yoe Buidier-Herrera walked up to a woman with two children and informed her that if she did not cooperate (i.e. let him kidnap her children), that he would kill her.  A…

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