Savannah Leaders Brighten Downtown Neighborhoods in Effort to Fight Crime

(Savannah Police) Savannah Neighborhood Crime Prevention “Neighborhood leaders want homeowners across Savannah to light up their homes in a city wide effort to deter crime and brighten neighborhoods,” according to WSAV reports. In July, the Downtown Savannah Neighborhood Association partnered with police, Phillips Electric and The Home Depot to hand out hundreds of L.E.D. light bulbs to home owners in an effort to reduce opportunistic crime. In August, Savannah Police teamed up with neighbors for National Night Out, a campaign to strengthen community and law enforcement partnerships for a safer Savannah. Savannah Apartment Crime Prevention Savannah apartment residents have a right to protect their families and feel safe and secure in their homes. While home owners are able to protect their families and reduce community crime through security measures, such as lighting, landscaping, and neighborhood watches, apartment residents are typically unable to control…

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