San Jose Doctor Pleads Guilty To Federal Charge of Unlawfully Distributing Hydrocodone and Committing Health Care Fraud. Make Sure Your Practice Follows California Pain Medication Guidelines.

Record keeping and following the California pain management protocols are key for physicians who prescribe scheduled medications for pain management. California revised its protocols called “Guidelines for Prescribing Controlled Substances for Pain” in November 2014 and expects all physicians to be familiar with it. You can download a copy of it with its attachments from the link above which is my public dropbox account. Under federal and state law, if the physical examination does not demonstrate legitimate medical need which must be documented, then the prescription is no longer protected by the DEA rules allowing physicians to prescribe. It is then treated like an illegal drug and opioids, like cocaine, are treated harshly under the sentencing guidelines. Even board certified pain management doctors need to be careful to make sure their record keeping and physical examination protocols are up to date. Every doctor can have a bad or busy day, but with…

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