Sam Donaldson wishfully predicts that Americans will be a bunch of humorless, fusty prigs.

This, reported in HuffPo, is ridiculous bullshit:Veteran ABC news anchor Sam Donaldson warned Friday how President Donald Trump’s use of a curse word at a political rally this week may over time end up turning “a lot of people off.”Trump said at an event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday that “the Democrats now have to decide if they will continue to defraud the American public with this ridiculous bullshit.”It was in reference to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible Trump campaign collusion. Sam Donaldson. I hadn't heard of him in a good long while. But he's posturing as if he knows what turns a lot of people off. Meanwhile, Trump assumes we're ready to hear that ridiculous bullshit is ridiculous bullshit.This gets my "civility bullshit" tag not because Trump said "bullshit." The tag isn't for saying "bullshit" or even…

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