Salary History Ban: Coming Soon to a State or City Near You?

Earlier this month, Cincinnati joined the growing number of cities and states that have recently made it unlawful for private employers to inquire about or use an applicant’s salary history to make hiring or compensation decisions.  The Cincinnati law, applicable only to employers located within city limits with 15 or more employees, will not become effective until next year, leaving plenty of time for those impacted to adopt new practices to be in compliance.  But should employers outside of Cincinnati examine their own practices when it comes to inquiring about salary history? Why A Salary History Ban? It’s not unusual to see an application form (especially free ones found after a Google search) that includes a section seeking information about an applicant’s employment history like the one below.  Employers want to learn about the applicant’s prior employers, periods of employment, job duties and responsibilities and, oops, there it is:…

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