Royal Alliance Associates Arbitration Lawyer

The recent arrest of former broker Gary Basralian (CRD #14385) for defrauding two clients of $2.1 million also raises allegations of failure to supervise about his brokerage firm, Royal Alliance Associates (CRD #23131.) According to news reports, Basralian embezzled money from two elderly women and used the funds for his own expenses. When the discrepancies were discovered, the elderly victims’ attorney notified both the FBI and DOJ. Both agencies took immediate action, and Basralian was arrested May 23, 2018 on charges of wire and investment adviser fraud. He could face as much as 25 years in prison. The stockbroker in question allegedly deliberately sought out vulnerable victims who might not notice that he was stealing funds directly from their accounts. Basralian is, himself, 70 years of age—so he likely embezzled from his contemporaries. When the law firm representing the two victims contacted Royal Alliance, Basralian was not immediately terminated, but…

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