Romaine Roulette – E. coli in Lettuce

By: Candess Zona-Mendola Although the CDC has not confirmed that romaine lettuce is the cause for the current US outbreak of E. coli O157, I can definitively say one thing, I am going to avoid eating Cesar salads for a while. Think I am paranoid? Maybe. You would not be alone in questioning me. The United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency commissioned a research study about E. coli and Veg in 2011.  They found that the public “awareness of the potential for vegetables to carry harmful bacteria was minimal,” and “overall threat posed by E. coli was perceived to be low.” About 46% of foodborne illness outbreaks in the US are caused by produce – that is almost half of outbreaks cause by something most people believe is safe. The Public Health Agency of Canada and Consumer Reports both agree – avoid romaine lettuce for now. Both the CDC and PHAC have confirmed “[p]reliminary results show that the type of E. coli making people sick…

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