Robert Novak is Right* and Monica is on Her Way

As if the continuous defection of Republican lawmakers from the camp of Alberto R. Gonzales wasnt a bad enough sign for the Attorney General, today comes word that the grandaddy of all conservative columnists, Robert D. Novak, also is abandoning ship. In todays Post he notes that the U.S. Office of Special Counsel this week began a new investigation into allegations that the White House illegally participated in the firing of one of the U.S. Attorneys. And has these (familiar to those of you who read Bench Conference) things to say about Gonzales: “While the current cliche is that Bush never should have named Gonzales attorney general in the first place, the consensus in the administration was that Gonzales also was at sea in his first post, as White House counsel. Colin Powell, Bushs first-term secretary of state, was so appalled by Gonzales that he shunted contact with him off

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