RIP LSAT. Long Live the GRE.

Above the Law reports that the UCLA School of Law is inviting applicants to submit their GRE scores rather than completing the LSAT. The article by Kathryn Rubino points out that this decision makes UCLA one of nearly twenty law schools in the U.S. that have dropped the LSAT requirement and allow submissions of GRE scores only – including Harvard, Columbia, St. John’s, Brooklyn, Northwestern, Arizona, Georgetown, Hawaii, Washington University in St. Louis, Wake Forest, Cardozo School of Law, Texas A&M, BYU, John Marshall Law School, Florida State, Pace and Chicago-Kent College of Law. The article points to a Kaplan report saying that nearly 25% of U.S. law schools are considering similar moves, and Rubino indicates that the American Bar Association seems likely to adopt a policy that permits law schools to forego other forms of standardized assessment in favour of GRE scores. UCLA School of Law Dean Jennifer L. Mnookin said, “This step will open doors…

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