Rights to free speech and, or, academic freedom not offended by requiring a candidate for a teaching position to demonstration his or her teaching skills

The petitioner [Plaintiff] in this action appealed the federal district court's dismissal of his claims that members of a hiring committee at a State University of New York campus discriminated against him based on his age and disability and violated his First Amendment rights to free speech and academic freedom to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit. Plaintiff also challenged the constitutionality of 28 U.S.C. §1915, certain procedural rules established by the District Court Judge and alleged that the magistrate judge was biased against him and should have been recused.* Assuming, but not deciding that Plaintiff's age and disability discrimination claims are cognizable under §1983, the Circuit Court said it must first determine if the facts alleged in Plaintiff's complaint “plausibly support” the following elements: [a] Plaintiff is a member of a protected class;[b] Plaintiff was qualified;[c] Plaintiff suffered an…

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