Revising accreditation standards for greater transparency for incoming law students

Dear Esteemed Members of the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, We, the American Bar Association Law Student Division Council affirm that the American Bar Association can and should do more to protect potential law students and current law students as they seek to enter the legal profession. We also affirm that greater transparency, achieved through accreditation rules, will ensure that students can make informed decisions. We, thus, call for the Council of the Section of Legal Education (“Council”) to increase the reporting requirements already authorized under Standard 509. Specifically, we call the Council to collect: A) data on J.D. program completion and bar passage success by LSAT; B) disaggregated borrowing data by graduating class, including subcategories by race and gender; C) disaggregated data on the amount of tuition paid by class year (1L or upper-level), race, and gender; and D) data on applicants and scholarships by…

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