Review of Italy’s Special Tax Regime for New Resident Workers

The preferential tax regime for the new resident workers, enacted by way of Article 16 of the Legislative Decree 147 of 9/14/2015, is now permanent and extended to non-EU citizens and independent consultants and services providers (while, originally, it was limited to EU citizens working in an employee capacity). Given its wider scope and increasing relevance, for foreign enterprises which plan to move personnel to Italy, or foreign consultants who consider the opportunity to relocated to Italy, it is worth providing a review of the basic tax advantages of the preferential regime. The preferential tax regime applies to dependent workers as well as independent consultants and services providers, and allows a 50 percent deduction of the amount of taxable income from wages and salary or compensation for personal service performed in an independent capacity, resulting in the application of the personal income tax (IRPEF) on the remaining 50 percent portion of that income at…

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