Restraining Order not enough to prevent Murder

Sadly, this is a story about a restraining order not being able to protect the victim. Jennifer Bates-Solomon received a restraining order against her 39-year-old ex-husband, Horace Carlos Solomon Jr. However, neighbors and officials said restraining order was not enough to protect the victim. According to police, Solomon waived his right to an attorney and confessed that he brutally murdered his ex-wife, though he said he doesn't remember how it happened. The victim's 13-year-old daughter told police she saw the suspect force his way into their East Mesa home and grab a knife from the kitchen. She said he stabbed her mother multiple times in front of her and her 10-year old brother. The youngest, an 8-year-old boy, was asleep in the next room. It is unfortunate that the children had to witness such a heinous killing. "A restraining order doesn't stop anybody," neighbor Freddie Rodriguez said. "It's just a paper. People still do what they got to do, you know, if they want to do it." Las Cruces District Attorney Amy Orlando said it can be difficult to ensure that a restraining order will actually work because it's not easy to control an adult's behavior. Unfortunately, in this case, the victim was murdered despite the existence of a restraining order. From an Orange County divorce lawyer's perspective, if you are in fear of your life or believe someone is going to cause harm to you, immediately seek a restraining order and keep yourself safe. Depending on the facts of your case, you may need a family law one as well as a criminal restraining order. Source: Restraining Order Not Enough To Prevent Mom's Murder In Front of Kids

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