Restoring Congress for the People

Restoring Congress for the People: New Congress New Rules H. Res. 6 – Adopting the Rules of the House of Representatives for the One Hundred Sixteenth Congress, and for other purposes. ::  Section by Section Summary Axios – “THE NEW MAJORITY — PELOSI and JIM MCGOVERN (D-MASS.), incoming House Rules Committee chairman, rolled out House Democrats’ rules package Tuesday night. Changes include: a 72-hour rule to allow members of Congress time to review bills before they are voted on; a “consensus calendar” to move quickly on legislation with bipartisan support; and a bipartisan Select Committee to modernize Congress. The rules also ban members of Congress and employees from sitting on corporate boards. The rules package — BIG CHANGE: The rules package also allows Congress to suspend the debt limit by passing a budget — the so-called Gephardt Rule. — INTERESTING … The rules also change the process by which the…

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