Resale Price Maintenance in the High Technology Market: A Competition Law Perspective

[Mudit Nigam is a 4th Year Student of National Law Institute University, Bhopal] The increased demand for products such as smart phones, ultra-HD televisions, LED lights, high-end laptops and computers, has promoted technological innovation and market growth, leading to the prominence of the high technology market in India. The country is emerging as a global digital lab with more than 20,000 technology companies, with an increasing focus on innovation, of which nearly 50% are digitally focused. The manufacturers of the high-tech products adopt various market strategies to promote their products and increase its sales. One example of such strategy is resale price maintenance (RPM) which is a type of price fixing arrangement whereby the manufacturer fixes the price at which the retailer can sell the product to the end customers. The manufacturer may fix the maximum or minimum price at which its product can be sold and may also fix the maximum and minimum limits of discount…

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