Reports Suggest Carnival Ships Systematically Discharged Plastic Waste

Today, the Federal District Court presiding over the pollution case against Princess Cruises ordered the public filing of several reports issued by the Court Appointed Monitor (“CAM”).  The Miami Herald, which previously filed a motion to intervene into this case, requested that the Court order that the CAM’s quarterly reports for the past year be filed in the public record of this case. (You can read the motion here). Background of Pollution Violations After Princess pled guilty in December of 2016 to serious, widespread and long-term pollution crimes, as well as conspiracy and obstruction of justice, the Court ordered Princess and all Carnival Corp. owned and/or operated cruise ships sailing in the Unites States to comply with an Environmental Compliance Plan (“ECP”), undergo audits, and be subject to supervision by the CAM. The CAM’s First Annual Report The Court previously filed into the public record the CAM’s First Annual…

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