Relocating to the euro area

The European Central Bank was updated its web pageon relocating to the euro area. Under the drop-down section headed “Internal governance and risk management” there is: a new FAQ: “Can I continue to provide services to customers in the EU from a branch in London post Brexit?” an updated answer to FAQ: “Will the use of a back-to-back booking model be accepted? What arrangements do you expect to be in place when it comes to booking models generally?” a new FAQ: “How will booking models be assessed? What are the supervisory expectations vis-à-vis back-to-back booking?” Under the drop-down section “Issues related to on-going supervision there is a new FAQ: “The EBA has recently published an ‘Opinion on Brexit issues’ with a view to ensuring the consistent application of Union legislation to businesses seeking to establish or enhance their EU27 presence. Will there be any changes as a consequence of that…

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