Relativity Reduces Data Fees for SaaS Customers, Adds New Licensing for Service Providers

E-discovery company Relativity is today announcing new pricing and licensing options for its cloud-based RelativityOne product, reducing data fees by up to 50 percent, introducing a more flexible billing model for all RelativityOne customers, and creating a special licensing option for e-discovery service providers at a lower wholesale rate. Today’s announcement encompasses five changes to RelativityOne’s pricing and licensing. At a media briefing last week, Nick Robertson, chief operating officer at Relativity, outlined the changes. Reduced data fees. Relativity will lower the overall data fees for RelativityOne by up to 50 percent. Video and rich media data will also be billed at a reduced rate of 50 percent of normal data fees. In addition, Relativity will roll out flexible data storage models that provide prices that it says will be more commensurate with the value users get from that data. Data used for early case assessment, or repositories where data is…

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