Regulating Sober Living Homes

“Stop sending your children and your loved ones to South Florida—because we’re sending them back in body bags,” one local legislator reportedly warned. Lured by unscrupulous actors, many individuals addicted to drugs have headed to South Florida for treatment. Instead, the addicts too often find themselves locked into a relapse cycle in which operators of sober living homes—halfway houses for addicts that provide treatment—fail to provide meaningful treatment and instead focus on billing insurance programs excessively and unethically. As a result, 70 percent of overdoses in Delray Beach, a town in South Florida, occur within a quarter-mile of a sober home. To combat pervasive insurance fraud, public officials are increasingly calling for greater regulation and oversight of sober homes. These calls come in the face of a surging opioid epidemic, and the Trump Administration’s recommendation of an expansion of treatment programs like…

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