Red Light Speeder Causes Accident In Fulton County

The National Traffic Safety Board recommends that the consequences of speeding be more like the consequences of drunk driving. 31% of traffic fatalities between 2005 to 2014 had speed as a factor in the accident. The 112,580 deaths with speed as a factor was very close to the 112,948 deaths where alcohol was a factor, prompting some consideration linking speeding with alcohol consumption.  The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported on a recent grisly accident that may have been caused by speeding through a red light. Three people were injured in a crash in the early morning hours on June 20th in Fulton County. The incident occurred and the intersection of Bethsaida Road and Old National Highway. One witness, Cedric Topps, said that the impact was so great that one vehicle ended up on its side. He said that the car must have been going approximately 100 m.p.h. According to police, the driver of a Dodge Magnum ran a red light and crashed into a Ford F-150. The drivers…

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