Recovery Ways Spreading the Word about NAATP

Salt Lake City, UT – October 2011 – Citing a commitment to creating a positive environment in which addiction treatment is recognized around the country, Salt Lake City’s Recovery Ways addiction treatment center is getting the word out that they belong to the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

As part of the association, Recovery Ways is part of a group of nearly 275 independent and hospital-based drug treatment programs throughout the U.S. Some of these organizations are not-for-profit, while others are not, yet regardless of their financial status the NAATP gives members a voice at the national level. A voice that has been allowing them to be heard since 1978.

The member treatment centers provide a wide range of patient care options including residential treatment programs, inpatient rehabilitation programs, outpatient programs, and more. They have been represented by the NAATP organization before Congress and insurance companies alike, paving the way for success in the field of chemical dependency rehabilitation. The NAATP has been a powerful force in helping to craft education programs and legislation, and has been instrumental in developing treatment standards throughout the drug addiction treatment field.

Recovery ways believe so strongly in the mission of the NAATP, as well as the missions of similar, like-minded treatment centers, that they also believe it’s important to belong to the Association. As a concentrated group, member organizations are better able to ensure that addiction treatment programs everywhere in the U.S. are as successful and productive as they can be. Through the support and involvement of its members, the NAATP contributes to that overall mission by providing members with accurate information and other resources to help them better treat addicts, and working to make sure treatment programs are open and available for anyone who needs them.

Recovery ways devotes a page of their website to the NAATP and what the organization stands for. You can view that page at your leisure by directing your web browser to

About Recovery Ways

Recovery ways is an addiction treatment organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have been certified by The Joint Commission as a Gold Seal organization providing the highest quality care according to very strict guidelines. Their mission is to help the addicts break free from their addiction and learn to live a life of permanent sobriety. They accomplish this through one-on-one counseling, therapy, recreational activities, daily 12-staff meetings, and aftercare. Currently they operate one residential treatment program in Salt Lake City which is staffed by certified and licensed professionals who provide the utmost care. A new center is scheduled to open in Austin, Texas in 2012.

If you have further questions or need more information about Recovery ways you may contact them at:

Recovery Ways
4883 Box Elder Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
Phone: (877) 686-6751

For more information about the NAATP please contact them at:

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers – NAATP
313 W. Liberty Street, Suite 129
Lancaster, PA 17603-2748
Phone: (717) 392-8480

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