Recording conversations in the workplace? – Legal and Practical Considerations

  A question employment lawyers are often asked – by employers and employees alike – is whether it is legal to secretly record conversations at work. There are many reasons why someone might wish to record a workplace conversation. An employee suffering from harassment at the hands of an employer or co-worker may want proof of the conduct when bringing forth allegations. An employer may want to record a disciplinary meeting in the event of a future conflict with the employee over what was said. Both employers and employees may simply wish to have a record of an important meeting in order to ensure that objectives set during that meeting are met. And, in the age of smartphones, recording conversations can be done subtly and with the simple push of a button. Simply put, in Canada, while it is a violation of the Criminal Code to record a conversation to which you are not a party, it is legal to make a recording of a conversation in which you are participating,…

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