Recall RoundUp: Apples, Smoked Salmon, and Pharmaceuticals

By: Heather Williams Each Week UnsafeFoods gathers together information on recalls that could affect items in your pantry and refrigerator.  Recalls are initiated for a variety of reason, but the primary two categories include “undeclared allergens” and “health alerts.” Undeclared Allergens An undeclared allergen recall is initiated after a product is identified as having an ingredient that is a known allergen that is not listed on the ingredients list or packaging.  Those with allergies or severe sensitivities to particular allergens rely on manufacturers packaging to make appropriate food decisions.  Mistakes could have serious and even fatal consequences.  Last week, several companies issued recalls for this reason. Marmex Corp: Blue Pearl All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement On December 13, 2017 Marmex Corp of Orange, California issued a recall for all lots of Blue Pearl All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement, 500mg due to the…

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