Reaction To Latest Southwest Airlines Passenger Removal Incident

Once again, we are all watching viral video of a passenger being dragged off of a commercial airliner. This time, it was a Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles. The backstory is still a little murky, but the optic for Southwest Airlines is bad. Apparently, the woman involved was seated in the back of the plane when another passenger boarded with an emotional support dog. Some reports state that there were two dogs involved. In any event, the woman then complained that she was deathly allergic to dogs and asked to have it or them removed from the flight. Southwest Airlines then reportedly told the woman that she would have to exit the plane because she could not produce a medical certificate confirming her allergic condition. The woman refused to leave the plane, however, and the Captain then called for security. In a statement issued shortly after the incident, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson said, “Our policy states that a Customer (without a medical…

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