Rapper Big Boi Arrested for Drugs Leaving Cruise Ship in Miami

U.S. customs agents in Miami arrested rapper "Big Boi," of the hip-hop duo "OutKast," on drug possession charges as he disembarked a cruise ship. TMZ reports that Big Boi (real name Antwan Patton), had "ecstasy pills, MDMA powder and Viagra" in his luggage as he was leaving the unidentified cruise ship after it returned to the Port of Miami. It apparently is a felony to possess Viagra without a prescription. Seems to be a tad embarrassing to be called "Big Boi" and get busted for Viagra of all things. I have never heard of "MDMA powder" but it is apparently a purer form of ecstasy. Some people may jump to the conclusion that customs picked on Big Boi because he is a rapper. But cruise passengers get arrested for drugs all of the time. Just last week, American passenger Richard Battistella from New Jersey was arrested when customs officers from Bermuda brought a sniffer dog onto the Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas cruise ship and found "13 spliffs" in a bedside drawer in his cabin. According to the Royal Gazette newspaper, the passenger pled guilty to importing cannabis into Bermuda (even though the pot never left his cabin) and he paid a $3,000 fine. Big Boi was held and then released on a $16,000 bond. His attorney gave this statement to the press: "While Big Boi was traveling with his group and friends, a small amount of contraband was found in the collective luggage . . . I am confident when the entire facts are aired Big Boi will be completely exonerated." Meanwhile Big Boi tweeted: "Fresh Out Baby ! . . . Shiiiiit they said it was the Love Boat." Anyone know the name of the cruise ship he was sailing on? Please leave a comment below. For other stories about drug busts on cruise ships, consider reading: Are You a Stoner? Don't Cruise to Bermuda! Cruise Ship Drug Crimes Soar! Passenger Busted for Selling Drugs on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas Photo credits: Top: Big Boi Twitter page Bottom: Gawker

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