Ranking law schools by "JD Advantage" jobs

The placement outcomes achieved by law schools is an important component of an applicant's decision where to attend law school. In particular, "Placement Success" constitutes 18% of the influential US News & World Report rankings, one of the largest categories in those rankings. The three most common "employment status" outcomes (as defined by the ABA) are Bar Passage Required Full-Time Long-Term (FTLT), JD Advantage FTLT, and Unemployed Seeking (in that order). As a result, evaluating a law school's placement quality depends significantly on evaluating JD Advantage jobs. US News treats JD Advantage jobs as being equal to Bar Passage Required Jobs. Specifically, the US News "Placement Success" category counts JD Advantage FTLT the same as Bar Passage Required FTLT, sometimes collectively and cynically called "full credit" jobs. Why are JD Advantage jobs counted the same as Bar Passage Required Jobs? Because according to the…

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