Rainmaking Recommendation with Jaimie Field: Social Media Marketing v. Social Media Networking

In today’s rainmaking recommendation from expert and coach, Jaimie Field, learn the difference between social media marketing and social media networking, and why you need both in your arsenal. *** One of the things that I haven’t discussed in a deeper manner is how to use various social media networking sites for Rainmaking Purposes. I have touched on the fact that if you use social media you need to take the relationship from online to off in order to allow you to create the relationships that will lead to more referrals, prospective clients and deeper relationships with other.  Personally, I have gotten a number of clients from being on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but I have never provided you the information about how to use these sites to do so.  For that, I apologize and tell you that I will give you more information about these sites in the future.   But first, I think it is important to discuss the distinction between…

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