Quick Hits – Use of force, lack of candor during an investigation, and a public policy challenge to an officer's reinstatement

Termination for excessive use of force converted to a suspension Grievant, a Chillicothe, OH police officer, had been dismissed for allegedly hitting a prisoner, failing to turn on his body camera, and using inappropriate language. Grievant had stopped a vehicle for failure to use a turn signal. After running the license plate, he learned there was an outstanding warrant for the vehicle's owner. The driver ran off and was subsequently arrested by other officers. Grievant went to the jail to have him sign the citation for failure to use a turn signal. The driver refused to sign, and after being informed that refusal could lead to an obstruction charge, refused again. Grievant responded "wrong fucking answer" and began to leave. The driver continued to yell at grievant, calling him " a fat black bastard." Grievant turned around, walked toward the driver and became "very demonstrative" toward the driver, using his hands and pointing his finger.…

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